Adrien De Sutter

PhD Candidate


Adrien gained an undergraduate master’s degree in astrophysics from University College London, and a master’s degree in mathematics and theoretical physics from the University of Cambridge. Following a period working in the technology sector in academic research management and collaboration, he completed a master’s degree in science, technology and society from the University College London. He was subsequently awarded a ‘1+3’ ESRC studentship to conduct his research at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Project Description

Adrien’s doctoral research project is an investigation into the problem of cosmology; the challenge that many cosmologies as modes of inquiry appear to respond to. As the study of the beginning of the universe, it’s overall structure and possible end, cosmologies aim at ordering the entirety of existence, yet face an impossibility implicit in their practice: how to order and totalise a universe that resists encapsulation? Focussing primarily on the scientific practice of modern physical cosmology – a growing field of study that many see as providing physics with its most promising avenues of discovery – the project asks what it means for our story of the cosmos to have become a science, and what that leaves for other modes of cosmological inquiry. Finally, the project considers how these lessons might inform the development of pluralistic philosophical cosmologies.